Decorative travel suitcase with iron fittings Asia, Korea 19th century Dimensions: 85 cm wide, 75.5 cm high and depth 44 cm

Rare Console Mahogany Signed By H.Pander Hollandia 1890-1900. Decorated With 2 Mythological Lions In Gilded Wood.Width: 1.10 Height: 1.00 Depth: 0.50

Small salon furniture "Lady desk" period Louis Seize 18th Century Stamped by ebeniste J. Demoulin and sons in Dijon (August 13, 1715) Furniture of very high quality in good condition.

A Couple Of Small Renaissance Furniture In Oak And Ebony. Holland, 17th Century. In Good Condition Dimensions: Height: 1.65 M Wide: 0.81 M Depth: 0.48 M

Decorative teak trunk decorated with copper and bronze fittings 19thC. Opening lid and 3 drawers at the bottom. Dimensions: width: 1.12 m height: 0.50 m depth: 0.51

Chinoiserie Style Cabinet In Wood / Black Lacquer/Gold Lacquer, French End 19th Century. Dimensions : 1.70 M High, 1.14 M Wide And Depth : 0.46 M

A carved oak Showcase cabinet. End 19thC.

Small Italian Chest In Walnut Late 17thC. (1700) Marquetry decorations on the front panel. Holes made in the back and the bottom for the stereo ... Dimensions: 0.98 m wide, 0.63 m high and deep: 0.45 m

Renaissance Style Cabinet In Fine Carved Walnut, French 19th Century. Sizes : 1.95 M High, 1.05 M Wide And Depth : 0.55 M

19th century curved glass cabinet with marquetry inlays. In good condition. Dimensions: -Height: 165 cm -Width: 90 cm -Depth: 45 cm

Small Renaissance style Chest of drawers in marquetry / walnut /oak, " Master piece " with 4 drawers.Dutch 18 th Century, in good condition. Sizes : 0.60 m wide , 0.41 m high and depth : 0.26 m

Speciale Portuguese cabinet ,18th century.Walnut / ebony. Furniture consists of 2 parts with 10 drawers. Width: 1.16 Height: 1.57 Depth: 0.54

Oriƫntal Cabinet

Small Renaissance chest

An antique table cabinet.

A decorative antique cabinet

A small 18thC oak stool/table