Large porcelain bowl in Sèvres porcelain, 19thC. Gilt bronze mount Napoleon III period Dimensions: Height: 59 cm Width: 33 cm Depth: 23 cm Cup in good condition.

Putti 18th Century carved oak. Old restorations on the arms and legs. Dimensions: Height: 57 cm Width: 35 cm Very decorative sculpture.

Very large curved chest of drawers style Louis XV early 20th Beautiful curved chest of drawers with original marble top and gilt bronze decorations. Dimensions : Width: 1.70 m Height: 0.94 m Depth: 0.62 m

Pair of armchairs style Louis XV 19thC. with original polychrome. Silk upholstery in used condition

Decorative pedestal in Carved Wood 19thC..Missing a little piece on top. Dimensions: Height: 1.14 m Width: 0.31 m Depth: 0.31 m

Large 19thC. Mirror In Wood And Brass Repoussé. Renaissance Style. Dimensions: 1.25 M In Height And Width: 0.75 M

Painting "still life" oil on copper 19th Century. Very finely painted and put in a pretty golden frame. Dimensions with frame: width: 0.44 m with height: 0.38 m Dimensions of the copper plate: 30.5 cm x 24.5 m

Napoleon III turtle box with bronze decorations.1830-1850 Missing key. Width: 0.24 Height: 0.15 Depth: 0.18

Decorative oil painting on panel.Flamand, 17th Century. Dimensions included frame: Height 0.75 m, Width: 0.60 m Panel: 56.5 x 41 cm

Large Console Carved And Gilded Wood Style L XIV 19thC. With A Frontal Bachus Head, Finely Carved And Mythological Heads On The Feet. The Furniture Is Signed. The Sandstone Top Is Of A Later Date.

Tureen In Solid Silver Style LXV 20thC. Stamped 800 and two others ... Weight: 2076 grams Dimensions: Width: 0.38 m, height: 0.27 m and depth: 0.31 m

Large bronze sculpture "Victoire" by Mathurin Moreau (1822-1912) Image signed and foundry stamp E.Colin & Cie Paris. Height sculpture: 105 cm

Pair of porcelain vases from Sèvres. Brands "Chateau D'Anet" and paintings signed by: J.Missant . End of the 19th Century . Height of the vases: 51 cm The vases and lids are in good condition.

A Paire Of 19th Century Fine Carved Walnut "Medici"Vases. Sizes : 0.32 M High And Wide : 0.19 M

Pair Of Sèvres Porcelain Vases with Gilded Bronze decorations 19thC. Napoleon III Special color pink / magentha. Height: 49 cm Vases + lids in very good condition

Bust "Cupid" in bronze signed by A.Léonard Paris, 19th. Mounted on a marble base. Dimensions: 0.53 m high and 0.35 m wide.

Couple tables with Agate leaf and stainless steel base Dimensions of blade diameter: 0.41 m height: 0.54 m

Pair Of 19thC.Vases In Patinated Bronze. The Handles In Bronze Skated In Fine Lions.Fine Bronze Decorations. French, About 1850.

A Set Of 4 Sculptures "Four Seasons". Very fine carved in limewood 20thC. They are signed G.Huysmans , around 1900-1920 Dimensions: Height 27 cm and greater 32 cm Width: 9 cm Foot diameter: 8 cm All in very good condition.

Large Japanese bronze "musician" 19thC. Sculpture is signed and very finely detailed. Height: 61 cm Width: 40 cm In good condition

A Pair Of 19th Century Commodes LXVI Style Walnut With Inlaid Wood And Marble Top. Sizes : 0.98 M High , 1.40 M Wide And Depth : 0.57 M

Mirror facet cut with wooden decorations 20th century. Dimensions: 1.02 m high and 0.83 m wide In good condition.

"Knight Of Bayard" 19thC. Silver Plated Bronze. Signed By A.Caravanniez (1855-1915) Paris. F.Barbedienne Founder. Material: Bronze, Silver Width: 0.15 m Height: 0.46 m

A couple of bergères in gilded wood style Louis XVI . Around 1900's .Woodwork and upholstery are in good condition

Very special castle coat rack. Life size deer ,in the tree 2 little bears. A bear is carrying a salmon. Black forest carved wood Switzerland, late 19th century. Material: Solid wood Width: 157 cm Height: 222 cm Depth: 63 cm

Pair Of Cups / Casolettes Gilt Bronze Mercury, representing Medici basins on patinated bronze base. 2 nd Empire 1860-1880 Diameter: 0.24 cm Height: 0.31 cm Foot dimensions: 13.5 X 13.5 cm

Bronze sculpture on base in travertine 20thC. Modern Artwork signed by R. Deserrano (1941-2017) Lost Wax 1/1 circa 1979-1980 Dimensions: Total height: 1.60 m Height of image: 0.78 m, base: 0.80 m,

A large 19thC.console in wood and stucco style Louis XVI. Napoleon III with his original white marble. Sizes : 1.60 m wide , 0.95 m high and depth : 0.48 m

Large sculpture "woman with flowers" in Carrara marble 19thC. Signed by Paul Fournier and very well carved. Sculpture in very good condition only the little finger is glued. Height: 0.72 cm, foot 19.5 x 19.5 cm

Italian table in walnut 19thC. Table top 4 cm thick in solid walnut Very solid and decorative table. Dimensions: 0.76 m high, width: 1.37 x 1.19 m

A beautiful Indian sculpture, A statue head of the 10th / 11th century temples depicting the Indian Goddess: ("Lakshmi") Stone sculpture: beige sandstone from South India in very good condition.

Castle display cabinet in walnut 18thC. Doors and sides inlaid with different types of wood and ivory Doors on the side at the bottom. Dimensions maximum: Height: 261.5 cm Width: 170 cm Depth: 70 cm Furniture in 2 parts.

Silver decorative dish from southern Europe. Porto, early 20th century. Stamped Diameter: 0.36 m In very good condition

Chandelier in bronze and crystal baccarat 19thC. Bronze frame with 16 lights and lots of crystal. Dimensions: Height: 1,15 m Diameter: 0,80 m

Large wooden eagle on pedestal at the end of the 18thC. Polychrome and gilding original Dimensions : Total height: 1.68 m Width: 0.80 m In good condition

A Large Cartel Louis XV 19thC. Turtle With Gilt Bronze Ornaments. Dimensions Height: 0.77 M Width: 0.42 M Depth: 0.19,5 M

Decorative travel suitcase with iron fittings Asia, Korea 19th century Dimensions: 85 cm wide, 75.5 cm high and depth 44 cm

Pair of large candlesticks in gilt bronze Putti with 7 candleholders Height 60 cm, width: 36 cm Style Louis XV, époques Napoleon III.

Rare Console Mahogany Signed By H.Pander Hollandia 1890-1900. Decorated With 2 Mythological Lions In Gilded Wood.Width: 1.10 Height: 1.00 Depth: 0.50

Large bronze statue "nobleman from the 18th century" Signed by H Binz at the beginning of 20thC. Beautiful patina with the following dimensions: Height: 0.61 m plinth: 0.18 x 0.18 m

Oil painting on panel "clock seller" Luc Gerard (Belgian school) Painter of folk characters and ancient trades. Dimensions: Panel: 0.26 m high, 0.20 m wide.

A Pair Of Bronze Candlesticks Style L XV 19th Century. Sizes : 0.66 M High And 0.29 M Wide

Louis XV Style Painting In Oil On Panel ,Signed By Leon Dansaert ( 1830-1909 ) Belgium 19th Century,SIZES : 0.56 M High And 0.46 M Wide

Large special furniture Renaissance style walnut 19thC. Beautiful sculptures with putti, mythological figures, animals and decorations. Dimensions: Height: 134 cm Width: 198 cm Depth: 73 cm Furniture in good condition.

A pair of 19th Century Silver plated bronze Candlesticks Louis XVI style. 0.49 m high , 0.26 m depth and 0.29 m wide

Special dressing table in speckled maple wood ART DECO. Dimensions : Height: 75.5 cm Wide: 136 cm Depth: 56.5 cm In good condition. High quality furniture

Art deco sculpture in ceramics "Bison" Signed by Sébastien Laurent (Nancy 1887-1973) Around 1930 Dimensions: 0.26 cm wide, 0.23 m high Sculpture in good condition.

Still Life "Flowers In A Vase" Oil On Canvas 20th Century. Signed By Aristide Goffinon (1881-1952). Dimensions With Frame: 1,08 Mx 1,32 M

Large bronze statue, representing the "goddess of the earth", signed E.Drout Total height: 110 cm Beautiful patina.

A Large Chest Of Drawers Louis XV Style With Bronze Decorations ,Veneer And On Top A Red/White Marble. Around 1930'S. Width: 1.39 Height: 0.86 Depth: 0.60 M

Pair Of Bronze Lions On Black Marble base 19thC. Very decorative. Dimensions: Total height: 31 cm, height lions: 27 cm Marble foot width: 55 cm X 25 cm, width lions: 22 cm

Pendulum gilt bronze and chiselled period Empire 1820-1830 in good condition. Width: 0.34 Height: 0.51 Depth: 0.14

Special Cutlery Case 19th Century Silver Plated Cutlery + Crystal Dimensions Of The Cutlery Set: 0.43 M Wide, 0.26 M High And Deep: 0.32 M

Spanish Table, Late 17th Century. Table With 2 Drawers And Its Original Keys! Dimensions : Width: 1.46 M Height: 0.84 M Depth: 0.74 M

A 19th Century gilded bronze clock set with puttis. Clock : 47 x 32 , candlesticks : 58 cm high.

A Couple Of Small Renaissance Furniture In Oak And Ebony. Holland, 17th Century. In Good Condition Dimensions: Height: 1.65 M Wide: 0.81 M Depth: 0.48 M

Wall console stuck wood 19th Century Dimensions : Height: 52 cm Width: 36 cm Depth: 22.5 cm

Empire Pendulum Gilded Bronze "Astronomy" Era 1820-1830 In Good Condition. Width: 0.34 Height: 0.48 Depth: 13.5

2-part folding screen with paintings, silk fabric and fine sculpting French, 19th Century. Dimensions: + - 1.90 m high and 1.30 m wide

A Big Size 19th Century Émaille Cloisonné Cashe-Pot / Planter. Sizes : 0.55 M High And Diameter : 0.42 M

Gilt Bronze 19th Century Romantic Clock Set Period Napoleon III Pendulum Width: 0.56 M, Height: 0.44 Height Of Candelabra: 0.51 M

Antique Italian chest 17th Century in walnut "Cassone" Central panel represents a double eagle, the 2 side pieces depict a legend. Bottom finished with godgreens, at the top with garlands. Northern Italy "Florence" Renaissance.

A pair of porcelain lid vases Samson, Paris 19thC. Vases in good condition, one lid has a hairline on the inside (not visible on the outside!). Dimensions : Height: 41 cm Width: 21 cm

Pair Of Large Ewers In Bronze, Gilded Bronze And Marble, Napoleon III In Very Good Shape. Dimensions: 0.69 M Height And Depth At The Top: 0.24 M

19th Century Painting " Bay Of Napoli " Oil On Canvas In A Big Gilded Frame.Signed By H.Morton. Sizes Incl. Frame : 1.46 X 1.08 M

Small salon furniture "Lady desk" period Louis Seize 18th Century Stamped by ebeniste J. Demoulin and sons in Dijon (August 13, 1715) Furniture of very high quality in good condition.

Bronze statue of a knight "John IV of Beaumanoir" Signed by A. Guéniot, lost wax foundry Biscerlia in Paris Dimensions: Height: 0.53 m, width: 0.21 m In very good shape

A Large Boulle Cartel Clock Sigend By Martinol À Paris. Dimensions : 0.94 M High

Wooden decoration style Renaissance, 19thC. Height: 0.66 m Width: 0.20 m Diameter foot: 0.26 m

Colorful painting "young woman" including frame: 0.92 m wide and 1.11 m high painting: 0.74 m wide and 0.92 m high Signed by Keiffer around 1930-1940

Pendulum In Gilded And Chiseled Bronze. Time Napoleon III Width: 0.57 Height: 0.56 Depth: 0.19

Decorative teak trunk decorated with copper and bronze fittings 19thC. Opening lid and 3 drawers at the bottom. Dimensions: width: 1.12 m height: 0.50 m depth: 0.51

A large white marble Medici vase 19thC. 0.64 m high and diameter : 0.50 m Needs restauration ( see pictures )

Game table malachite, marble and bronze 20thC. Bronze foot with inlaid stones (1 small bronze foot is missing) Dimensions: Diameter: 0.59 m Total height: 0.40 m

A pair of casollets in special marble with bronze, Napoleon III Sizes : 0.47 m high and 0.17 m wide

Ceremonial feather (headgear)   Cameroon, 20th century Very decorative to hang on a wall Dimensions: 0.70 m x 0.70 m

Oriental sculpture "dancing couple" made of ivory standing on a wooden pedestal Dimensions including plinth: 0.15 m high and 0.11 m wide. Around 1900

Pair of medallions "angels" finely carved wooden 19thC. Dimensions including frame: 0.32 m wide, 0.28 m high Medallion oval dimensions: 0.20 m wide and 0.15 m high In good condition.

Pair of silver-plated bronze candlesticks Louis XVI style, late nineteenth century. Beautiful quality. Dimensions: 0.32 m high, 0.23 m wide and depth: 0.23 m

A couple of 19th century hunting dogs signed by C.Valton Height: 29 cm Width: 23 cm Depth: 17 cm

Pair of gilded bronze candlesticks with putti 19thC.

Pair Of Sèvres Porcelain Miniature Vases With Bronze Decorations. French, 19th Century. Height: 15 Cm, Width: 7 Cm

A Large 18th Century Castle Showcase/Cabinet In Fine Carved Oak. Dimensions : 2.65 M High , 0.60 M Depth And Wide : 1.82 M

A 2-Panels Embroidery Chinese Room-Deflector Of The 19th Century With Wire Of Gold And Silver. Size: 2,08 M High And 1.82 M Wide

Large inlaid marble medallion 20thC. Can be used as a floor decoration or as a table top. Diameter: 1.20 m Thickness : 2 cm In good condition.

Oil painting on canvas "summer flower market" signed by J. Van Campenhout 20th century. Dimensions with frame: 0.84 wide and 074 m high. Canvas: 0.60 x 0.50

Chinoiserie Style Cabinet In Wood / Black Lacquer/Gold Lacquer, French End 19th Century. Dimensions : 1.70 M High, 1.14 M Wide And Depth : 0.46 M

Ornament / Gargoyle Made Of Sandstone Of A Gothic-Style Building In The 18th Century. Dimension: 0.60 M Height, 0.22 M Width And 0.16 M Depth.

"Dancing Child" Sculpture In Lead, French End 19th Century. Sizes : 0.90 M High And 0.43 M Wide

Payment table in oak at the beginning of the 18th Century Height: 0.79 m, width: 1.08 m and depth: 1.02 m

Special Dish In Delft Faience, Holland 18thC. Signed below LPK: De Lampetkan factory mark dated: 1609-1811 Width: 32 cm Depth: 28.5 cm Height: 8.5 cm

A carved oak Showcase cabinet. End 19thC.

Pair Of Cover Pots 20thC. Cloisonné Enamel. Height: 0.24 M Diameter: 0.22 M

Small Italian Chest In Walnut Late 17thC. (1700) Marquetry decorations on the front panel. Holes made in the back and the bottom for the stereo ... Dimensions: 0.98 m wide, 0.63 m high and deep: 0.45 m

Large Vase in faience, Delft ,Holland 19 th Century, in very good condition. Sizes : 0.81 m high and 0.41 m wide