A fine carved 19th Century walnut cabinet on stand. Sizes : 1.90 m high , 1.69 m wide and depth : 0.58 m

A pair of 19th Century gilded Louis XVI style armchairs with silk. Sizes : 0.98 m high , 0.62 m wide and deth : 0.60 m

A bronze / crystal Napoleon III chandelier. Dimensions : 0.95 m high and 0.80 m wide. 1 glass is broken !

Putti in white marble with bronze basket with flowers of porcelain. old restoration at the foot. Height marble: 0.52 m. Height with bronze basket + flowers: 0.70 M

3-piece Salon Louis XVI style 19thC.in gilded wood. sofa: 1.25 m wide, 0.90 m in height and depth: 0.63 m Chairs: 0.62 m wide, 0.90 m in height and depth: 0.50 m

A large Louis XV style desk begin 20thC.Dimensions : 1.66 m wide , 0.80 m high and depth : 0.93 m

Pair of 19thC.vases in patinated bronze. The handles in bronze skated in fine Lions.Fine bronze decorations. French, about 1850. In good condition, only 2 distortions in the foot. Height: 0.32 M

A large painted Empire mirror 19th Century.Dimensions : 2.33 m high and 1.54 m wide.

Painting "Vase of flowers" oil on canvas, signed A.Pinot late 19thC. early 20thC. Dimensions include Gilded frame: 0.93 x 1.11 m

Sculpture "Louis XIV and his little son Philippe" finely detailed in gilded bronze. Signed by E.AIZELIN 1878. Dimensions : 0.32 m high and wide : 0.20 m

Large pendulum Napoleon III bronze / black marble. Width: 0.70 m, height: 0.50 m and depth: 0.28 m

Cabinet (barguegno) in walnut with bronze decorations. Spanish, 19thC. The bargueño dimensions, height: 0.60, width: 1.14 and depth: 0.44 door barguegno to restore

A set of 4 Sculptures "Mythological animals" in mahogany 19thC. Minor damage to the loops in the tails. Size: 0.47 m high, 0.45 m of width and depth: 0.17 m

Large mirror Psyche of beech wood, 19thC. Empire. Size: 1.79 m in height, 0.84 m width and depth: 0.45 m

Bergère finely carved and gilded wood , Napoleon III 19thC. Width: 0.76 Height: 1.11 Depth: 0.64

"Knight of Bayard" 19th silver plated bronze. Signed by A.Caravanniez (1855-1915) Paris. F.Barbedienne founder. Material: Bronze, silver Width: 0.15 Height: 0.46

3 cups set openwork porcelain 19thC. Paris. Snacks in 1 small cup (see photo 10).

Sofa in mahogany style Empire with silk fabric. In good condition, 1860-1880. +- 145 cm wide

Large pair of candelabra in bronze/bronze patinated 7 lights, vintage restoration. Height: 0.71 M

Pair of large wooden Sculptures polychrome very decorative. Flemish, 17th century. Height: 1.21 m and 1.10 m Width: 0.68 m and 0.60 m

A large 18thCentury castle showcase/cabinet in fine carved oak. Dimensions : 2.65 m high , 0.60 m depth and wide : 1.82 m

A large Venetian 20thC. Murano crystal chandelier with 12 Branches.Very ornamental chandelier with multi color .Height: 1.30 m Diameter: 1.00 m

Pair of Cassolettes L XVI in white marble and gilded bronze , very fine 19thC. Height: 0.42 m, width: 0.22 m and depth: 0.15 m

A 19thC.painted LXVI style chaise longue . Length: 1.40 m Height: 0.87 Depth: 0.62

Painting "shrimp fisherman with horse on the beach" oil on canvas about 1900. Dimensions: height: 40/57, wide: 60/77. In good condition

Important 18thC.pendulum portico Louis XVI marble white, bronze Doré and engraved with two oval medallions and two round medallions in Wedgwood.

Large writing box in marquetry copper time Napoleon III, 19th. Width: 0.52 Height: 0.20 Depth: 0.27

Empire pendulum gilded bronze "Astronomy" era 1820-1830 in good condition. Width: 0.34 Height: 0.48 Depth: 13.5

Large desk Style Louis XVI Circa 1900. Many decorations in bronze, and on top a sheet of green leather. Size: 1.83 m wide, 0.88 m depth and 0.80 m in height.

Italien showcase 19th century made of gilded / painted wood. Consists of two parts, missing a side window , Dimensions height +-2.20 m and 0.85 m wide

Large 19th Century console with a white marble top + mirror. Console dimensions: 1.00 m high, 1.83 m of width and depth: 0.63 m mirror Dimensions: 2.07 m in height and width: 1.42 m

Large Marine Oil On Canvas Signed by Roman Steppe 19thC. Romain Steppe (Antwerp, 1859-1927) Height: 1.01 / 1.38 m Width: 1.30 / 1.68 m. In good condition.

Gilt bronze 19th century romantic clock set period Napoleon III Pendulum width: 0.56 m, height: 0.44 Height of candelabra: 0.51 M

Pair Of Large Frames In Stucco / Gilded Wood 19thC. Dimensions: 1.17 X 1.07 m

Pair of large format Louis XVI style wall lamps in carved wood. Late 19thC, early 20thC. Small defect (see picture 12) Dimensions: 0.90 m high and 0.32 m wide

Large watercolor "basket of flowers" in a golden frame with glass. Signed, 20thC. Dimensions include frame: 0.83 x 0.83 M

cabinet of Napoleon III period inlaid with floral motifs with two doors and on top of white marble. Dimensions: 1.08 m high, 1.01 m wide and depth: 0.41 m

Ornament / gargoyle made of sandstone of a Gothic-style building in the 18th century. Dimension: 0.60 m height, 0.22 m width and 0.16 m depth.


el Deseo (begeerte)

Jardin des Plantes

Salida (vertrek)

Pendant: Remembermy first 80's sculpture

Remembermy first 80's sculpture

La Sotonera

Contigo (met u)

Foot lamp in gilded Bronze Napoleon III. Foot height: 0.40 m, 0.24 m wide. Height with Lampshade: 0.80 m

Pair of Vases covered Samson porcelain. Paris, 19th century. In very good condition. Size: 0.55 m in height and 0.24 m wide.

A big size porcelain group " coffee table with 8 persons ". Germany,Thuringen, 19th Century. Diameter : 0.36 m in very good condition.

Large pendulum Style Empire in Bronze and marble 19thC. Material: Marble and bronze Width: 0.63 Height: 0.53 Depth: 0.14

A large mirror in carved and gilded wood, Italian, 18th Century. Width: 1.05 Height: 1.85

Italian Renaissance table in walnut , from the 17th century. Some old restorations. Height: 74.5 m, width: 69.5 and depth: 0.53 m

Pair of Sèvres porcelain miniature vases with bronze decorations. French, 19th century. Height: 15 cm, width: 7 cm

Original Murano Glass, Tribute to Pablo Picasso, Glassmaster : Alessandro Barbaro.

Large chest of drawers Louis XV style veneer with bronze decorations and on a red marble. Around 1920's. Width: 1.39 Height: 0.86 Depth: 0.60

A large and decorative gilt wooden cartel clock. Sweden, 19th century.In good working condition. Sizes : 0.86 m high, 0.60 m wide

A large gilded Louis XVI style bergère with ottoman. 19th Century, in very good condition.

Large bronze "Victoire wing" standing on a marble soccle. 19th C. total height: 0.77 m, bronze: 0.49 small defects on the corner of marble base.(see photo 11)

A Napoleon III curved showcase cabinet decorated with gilded bronze ornaments and white marble top.

A paire of 19th Century fine carved walnut "Medici"vases.

A large Decorative mosaic signed. Artist: Belnaay? Time: 20th century Condition: Good condition Material: mosaic Width: 0.84 Height: 2.08

A19th Century gilded and chiseled bronze mantelclock under a glass Bell. 0.56 m high and 0.57 m wide

An 18th Century Louis XVI style glass cabinet in cherry wood

Pair of small paintings "Army" oil on canvas very finely painted. About 1800. Height: 0.23 m, width: 0.18 m

A 19th Century gilded fireplace mirror style Louis XVI. Sizes : 1.94 m high and 0.86 m wide

A pair of large panels embroidered with silk threads, gold and silver. The head, hands and feet in paint on parchment paper. time Louis XIV, 17thC. Dimensions: 0.80 m wide and 2.90 m high

A big size 19th Century émaille cloisonné cashe-pot / planter.

A Napoleon III onyx/gilded bronze column

A decorative carved walnut mirror, around 1900's

A Napoleon III box in turtle /wood and bronze. French , 19thCentury

A Pair Of Gilded Bronze Center Tables With A Beautiful 33mm Thick Malachite Top And A Frieze Of Plaquettes In Agaath. 20th Century

A solid silver coffeepot. Ghent 1830

A collection of 6 fossils standing on an iron base.

An Italian Cassone " The battle of Venise "in gilt wood and fine carved panel. 19th Century

An exeptional big size porcelain dish. French, 19th Century

A 19th Century bronze Persian astrological globe.

A pair of Napoleon III Cassolettes

Renaissance Cabinet

Napoleon III Column

Renaissance Bust

Oriëntal Cabinet

Louis XV Painting

Oriëntal Bed

Chinoiserie Cabinet

Empire Pineapple display stand

A pair of small Lions

Renaissance Bas relief

Small Renaissance chest of drawers

Large Vase

A set of 4 decorative paintings

Paire of Empire chandeliers

Small Renaissance chest

Landscape Painting

Renaissance Cabinet

Empire Fine painting

Oriëntal Sculpture / planter